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103. Missing

When I met my now husband, I made my short-sighted intentions very clear. I had no intentions of getting married and no interest in being a mom. Clearly, my convictions were shallow. Thank God.

We dated for six years — most of which was long distance. I vividly recall my time in a hot phone booth in Paris in August, on my way to Rennes for a year-long study abroad. I had checked into an eighth floor “attic” studio hotel room with a small window that opened. A big shout out to the big yellow Lonely Planet book for helping me find the shittiest and hottest rooms in countless cities across Europe.

I called Chris from the phone booth to announce that my life was over and that I couldn’t do this. The truth was that at that moment, I concluded that I couldn’t do life without him.

I laugh now — but this was my first taste of missing someone so badly that it hurt. And there went my bold aforementioned convictions.

Who are the people you miss?

What the places you miss?

What experiences do you miss?

Ever since the #hotphoneboothexperience, I have been keenly aware of what I find myself missing. This feeling has been a North Star for me. If I miss it, it is worth my time as it has my heart. Just as important, not missing people, experiences or places can be a wonderful way of curating life.

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I look forward to your posts and the warm blanket feeling they give me. Thanks for writing and sharing your quirky and soul touching perspective.

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