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116. Going to the wilderness

Live small, do big things, go to the wilderness

As I have mentioned on this blog before, for the last year I have been reading the daily gospel every morning. I read it and often have to reread it for better comprehension. Then I write about words, ideas or resolutions that I hope apply to my day. I think what I have enjoyed most about this daily practice is reading about Jesus' pattern of going to the wilderness or the desert in between "big things".

The idea of finding our own wilderness or desert is something I spend a lot of time working on with therapy clients. It is fine to live big and do big things, but if you don't have a real or metaphorical wilderness or desert to go to, big-ness is often difficult to sustain.

If you got this far reading, you are in my wilderness. Writing is one of my happy forests. When I can't do big things, I write. When I need to process big things, I write. When I want to avoid more important things than writing, I write.

My hope is that you have a wilderness, or a desert to go to when you can't do big things anymore. #findwilderness #findadesert #findahappyplace

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