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2. Wild Beast

A couple of years ago, I began to think and write about the wilderness and the wildness in each of us. This was prompted by the death of a friend who had an amazing wild inside of him that wanted to be tamed but couldn't be tamed. Until his death, these words didn't come to me. And now they won't go away. Every time I meet a new person, I try to look for the wild inside of them. Wild doesn't have to be loud or gregarious. Wild can be stealth-like grace. Wild can be eye contact that changes your day. Wild can be how one chooses to love people who are hard to love. Wild can be how someone listens. Wild can be someone who forgives easily. Wild is that thing inside of you that people can feel but can't always put into words. You know, kind of like magic. #stayalittlewild

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Beverley Herrick
Beverley Herrick
12 sept 2022

Love your definition of wild being more than gregarious.

Me gusta
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