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33. Conquering resistance

I have this mind-blowing love-hate relationship with yoga. It started in college when I took my first yoga class, and my body was like where has this been all of my life? My body still loves yoga. When I do yoga, my limbs are so much more awake all day. There is a good soreness and tingling that almost feels like my body saying thank you, girlfriend.

Sooooooo, naturally my mind revolts against good things and resists the practice. I am currently back on the yoga wagon and am spending a lot of time imagining a woman that has conquered resistance to good things in her life. I am imagining an older version of myself who travels with a mat and can find rest, stretching and movement anywhere she goes. I am imagining Grandma Stacy teaching her grandkids how to take good care of themselves. I am imagining a woman who has conquered resistance.

I hope this finds you trying to conquer something big and good.

Art Liberation HERE.

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