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5. Nacho Your Average Human

Saturday night was glorious. It was a night around the cabin kitchen table with nacho average humans listening to the radio. We have a 1990s boom box permanently set to 94.9FM. And on weekends they play this awesome House Party mix.

We got out art supplies and my not-so-original Top 25 List that I have used and continue to use with friends and strangers alike. It is a simple activity that prompts us to pause, dream and document. What are 25 things you want to accomplish in your life? This could be as crazy as learning another language or as simple as eating more tacos and dark chocolate.

Writing is a well-known psycho-neuro-motor activity. This is a fancy way of saying writing on paper is really good for your brain. And most of us don't do nearly as much writing as our brains would like us to do. The mere act of writing forces us to slow down, think and concentrate in a way that our brain loves. What we put into writing is a subconscious activity -- and can be the start of manifesting good things in your life.

And if you care about making money, in Brian Tracy's book, No Excuses, he writes that "only 3% of adults have written goals and plans, and this 3% earn more than all of the other 97% put together."

In Jane and I's recent book, Atlas for Good Living, we also promote the Top 25 List and her hand drawn template may be just what you need. This is also a perfect date night activity and conversation starter for a partner, sibling or friend. #nachoaveragehuman

Click here for some nacho average artwork

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