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61. Imagine...

I get to work with beautifully hopeful teens every day. On a recent trip to NYC, I got to spend some uninterrupted time with my very hopeful 72-year-old Dad. While there are several decades of living and learning in between teens and my Dad and his generation -- we all have one thing in common. We can't be someone we can't imagine.

My Dad genuinely believes that his best professional years are ahead of him, and it is hard for me not believe this as well... as he believes this to his bones. Many theorists have researched and organized human and professional development in a chronological order -- but modern times are proving that nothing is perfectly chronological.

Modern times are proving that regardless of one's age and status -- things like work ethic, imagination, grit and will can trump chronology. This means that regardless of where are right now, if we can imagine something new and different, it is possible.

Cheers to helping those around us imagine a better life. Cheers to looking into the mirror and imagining a better life for ourselves. It is never too late to imagine...

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