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66. Finding Joy

I love it when the domains in my life converge. This week, I hand-drew and framed this quote thirty times for a volunteer brunch for Young Women on the Move, an awesome Kansas City, KS organization I am working for. In the same week, I took two newbies out to feed the homeless through Uplift. My goal is to introduce as many people to the joys of service as I can as I have found so much joy. Yes, I have become kind of a #servicepusher.

And since cold beer also provides joy, I like to bring my Uplift newbies to Grinders for a cold beer or two and some pizza before "checking in" for our service date night. It's like my version of pre-gaming.

Last Wednesday during our shift, we were all sweating. I am certain we put in a couple of miles in a short period of time while we loaded vans, fed and loved on some humans and then unloaded and cleaned the vans. And I don't think we stopped smiling. #peopleareawesome #serviceisjoy

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