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70. A neck full of rosaries

I recently met a guy with a neck full of rosaries who didn't have any idea how to pray the rosary. I took the opportunity to help him untangle the necklaces to take one off and teach him what the rosary is all about. Well kind of.

In short, a rosary has five sets of ten beads. In the Catholic tradition, we pray some specific prayers to accompany each bead, but for the lay person the idea is that one slows down life and meditates on the same prayer or intention for ten beads at a time.

Last summer, when a dear friend of mine was managing and loving an adult child through depression and substance abuse, I didn't know what to do but wanted to do something. A daily rosary was the something. From experience, praying the rosary slows down life to the perfect pace.

For those of you that are curious, here is a You Tube guide on how to pray the rosary. This is about 2,000x more thorough than my explanation to the guy with a neck full of rosaries.

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