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98. Never perfect; always okay

I had big plans to help my dad decorate his home for the holidays and I couldn't do it. Well, at least not well. I went through bins and bins of Christmas decorations and was quickly overwhelmed. Tears came and went. I don't like the holidays. They overwhelm every inch of my body. The expectations. The money. The extra work. And looking through someone else's Christmas decorations was especially difficult.

So, I walked away. Charles and I found the perfect Charlie Brown tree. We cleared off the glass end table in the middle of the room and we got a new string of lights and found a big bag of green and blue ornaments.

It's never perfect.

But it's always okay.

For those that need a reason to pause and reflect on things being never perfect but always okay, today is the start of Advent. If you look up the word advent, it is the arrival of a noble event, thing or person. In Christian life, Advent represents four weeks before Jesus was born in a stable. Nothing was perfect about this night, but the magic was plentiful.

It's never perfect.

But it's always okay.

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