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88. I hope you are [routinely] awesome

"Routine is not a prison, but the way to freedom from time." -- Ursula Le Guin

As I work with people of all ages in my therapy practice, I often talk about the sacredness of routines. Routines are holy and significant because they give us scaffolding to make life easier. And I can't think of anything more sacred than doing the work to ease the burden of being human.

Routines are patterns.

By following a routine, we can complete daily activities faster.

Routines reduce stress.

Routines create predictability in a wildly unpredictable world.

Routines create consistency and consistency helps us to improve our habits.

And good habits save lives.

Routines create security and emotional stability.

Self-care routines for things like fun, exercise, rest, hobbies and friendship) improve well-being.

People with routines stay on track with goals. And our dreams are more likely to come true if we have goals that we stick to.

Routines take a “cognitive load” off of us by helping us make easy decisions faster.

Families and friends love routines. Let’s get together once a month for a supper club. Let’s do family dinners with all of us on Sundays. Let’s go to Mexico every January until we can’t.

Here are some good examples of routines and things they may include:

  • Morning – wake up, water, exercise, food, stretching

  • Exercise - type of work out, length, ways to track/measure

  • Work or Study - workspace, daily goals, time management techniques

  • Meal Planning - creating a plan, shopping, cooking, storing.

  • Bedtime - winding down, managing screen time, reading, meditation, prayer, gratefulness

  • Self-Care - bath, skincare, hobbies, mindfulness, medication, connecting with friends and family (texts, visits, phone calls, letters)

  • Gratitude - reflect on the positive experiences and people in your life

  • Financial - budgeting, tracking of expenses, cadence for saving and investing

  • Learning - dedicated time to studying, reading, establishing goals, taking classes

  • Cleaning & Organization - decluttering, organizing, cleaning, discarding

  • Mindfulness - use of medication apps, videos, books, journaling

  • Social - regular social interactions with friends, family, etc.

  • Goal Setting - creating goals, reviewing goals, revising goals

  • Hygiene - taking care of our earthly vessels

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Sep 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I’m a routine feen. Great read. Thanks for sharing.

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