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15. Restless Adulting Syndrome

I want to propose a new syndrome called Restless Adulting Syndrome (RAS).

You know kind of like restless leg syndrome (RLS) where there is an uncontrollable urge to move your legs at all of the wrong times -- but RAS impacts the fully developed adult brain.

As always, Urban Dictionary never disappoints --being restless is when you want to settle down but your mind is bouncing off of the walls.

When I notice my own restlessness, it is a sign that I need a change in my life.

A change of something. A small tweak. A micro-experiment.

Small changes are rarely disruptive.

Small changes don't require public or family commitments.

Small changes can positively impact the quality of our days.

Small changes can improve how we show up in our relationships.

Small changes make us feel like we are no longer treading water, but we are moving. Somewhere.

So, the next time RAS attacks your full developed brain, what small changes could you make with 5-15 minutes a day?

For inspiration, check your phone's screen time. It seems we all have an extra 5-15 minutes a day.

Small change ideas: meditation, go outside, drink water, write something (letters, journaling, practice gratitude), read something, sleep more, sleep less, connect with a friend, find some music or go back to your favs, organize your shit, experiment with a new recipe, find a forest, learn something new or call your parents.

Typography art @ a small price.

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Angi Cain Hejduk
Angi Cain Hejduk
Oct 14, 2022

I don't have my glasses on and read your journaling as "journating". I think we need to make that a word.

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