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42. The human defrag

It is official — after doing two jobs for 90 days and a new job for 60 days, I am still in defrag mode. I feel like an oddly shaped hard drive.

I am reformatting myself and taking all of the memories, friendships, details and habits from a 25-year corporate career and putting them into new quasi-files in my brain. I have had the chance to reflect on the 100 people I thought I would miss and the dozen people that I really miss -- all of whom I have kept in touch with. I have had a chance to learn a new job in a new field and celebrate graduation from graduate school.

My human defragging process has felt uncomfortably comfortable. I planned this career change for four years and executed it. I planned to have this incredible freedom and now I have it. So effing weird. Uncomfortably weird and awesome.

Human Defrag: reformatting of one’s life, reconstituting how one spends their time, filing memories from a past life into new folders to make room for new possibility.

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Melissa Baker
Melissa Baker
02 févr. 2023

Congratulations Stace! you’ll wear this career like a second skin. Welcome to the human services!

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