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38. Things I want to be when I grow up

These words continue to come to me. I had to pull out my tattered copy of 100 Rad Virtues to see how I have written about them in the past. These words are simple to write but incredibly hard to simplify in our noisy day to day lives.

  1. Upright. Do good things during my limited time on earth. Treat my earthly vessel with tender loving care.

  2. Devout. Serve one another with a big and whole heart and with all of my might and muscle.

  3. Holy. Wander this earth knowing I am being guided and therefore must help to guide others.

  4. Weird. Choose to live and odd and fantastic life.

I know better than to commit to anything every year as the winds and seasons of life can change instantly without asking for our permission. But I love these words and their meaning to me. Word Love. That is enough of a New Years goal for me.

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