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Let’s face it, virtues like kindness, love, compassion and humility should never go out of style.

This book encourages you to find and practice new ways of doing good, being good and helping others do the same. 


100 Rad Virtues takes 100 virtues and translates them into modern-day, practice advice. Stacy has simplified the virtues into bite-sized pieces using simple words, drawings, and whimsy. Her style is wildly fresh and unique.


100 Rad Virtues is 218 pages, full color and 6.5" x 6.5".

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About Us 


Meet Stacy. Stacy is a corporate chick by day, and the creative brain behind blue Raddish at night. Blue Raddish is about living. And doing. And not waiting. Blue Raddish is about designing a life with few regrets. It reflects what is important to her -- a wife and working mother who won't give up on having a small business and a rich life. She created Blue Raddish 16 years ago, before the birth of 3 kids, 12 different jobs and 4 moves. And it lives on. 


Meet Lori. Lori an indie graphic designer and owner of Lori Bennett Design. Her greatest joy comes from her roles as a devoted wife, mother of two boys (and two dogs), daughter, sister, and friend. A lifelong Kansan, her heart will always belong in the Midwest with its patchwork of prairies, farmland, small towns, and wide-open skies. 

100 Rad Virtues