These are (5) short stories that we believe everyone needs to read at least once during their time on earth.  They focus on themes that can keep us awake at night -- possibilities, happiness, forgiveness, flailing, and friends.


What the heck is a story card? 

- These story cards are 5"x7"

- While three-panels, they are intended to be used as cards -- but for extra special people in your life. Or they can be displayed in your own life if you are a fan of possibilities, happiness, forgiveness, flailing, and friends.

- While three-panels, they fold into a lovely and bright 5"x7" envelope 

- These (5) story cards come with (5) bright envelopes 

- The back of these cards may be as glorious as the front -- full of color and hearts


(5) GLORIOUS short story cards


    © 2020 by Blue Raddish

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