#radlovenotes were designed to help us love and acknowledge people we encounter in our everyday lives….as we believe that loving people is why we were put on earth. While most people don’t need your bear hugs, most people love to be quietly acknowledged.


These small cards are the size of a business card and come with a handcrafted glass cradle that is perfect for any desk or public place where you could keep things refilled.  


Our hope is that you acknowledging someone will change a moment, a minute or even a day of someone you encounter. And we hope that people pay it forward. 


The back of the card allows you to write your own personal note or a simple handwritten ‘pay it forward’ will do. 

Shipping: FREE. 

Size: 3 ½” x 2” cards in a lovely handcrafted glass cradle 

(56) #radlovenotes in a handcrafted glass cradle


    © 2020 by Blue Raddish

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