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We would love to print YOUR favorite words, quotes and affirmations on a canvas! This process is interactive. You order a canvas and we will go back and forth on email until you love the typography that I create for you. 


We have two other product listings that focus on "Our Favorites" and "I Love Jesus" in case you are interested. 


Canvases are all .75" deep and come in the following sizes.

If custom sizes are needed,  we can acccomodate. 



  • 8x8" - $40 
  • 10x10" - $50 
  • 20x20" - $105 
  • 30x30" - $175 



  • 18x12" - $50
  • 24x26" - $105 
  • 36x20" - $150 

"Custom Orders" Typography on Canvas ART

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