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I love writing short stories about lives well-lived. 


Over the years, I have tested different sets of questions that help me to write the perfect short story. I have come up with a list of questions to help people write an obituary while still living! Or better yet, give this as a gift to someone who may enjoy the process. 


Here is the process: 

1. Order your obit story or an obit story for a friend or relative. 

2.  I will confirm your order via email within 24 hour and send you a list of questions to answer. 

3. Please give me 5-7 days to write and edit the story. 

4. We will collaborate via email to finalize the story until it sings! 


A few extra deets:  

  • Since the story is digital, it can change! If you don't like something particular about the story, tell me and I can take a second stab. 
  • Please reach out to me if you want me to send you a printed copy of your story as I am happy to do this. 
  • Need a creative gift? Feel free to interview a friend or a family member without telling them exactly why. A surprise story in the mail has proven to be a wonderful gift to a friend.

Living the Dash -- Celebrate your life early with a creative obituary!

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