This YOU ARE ENOUGH set of 6 stencils was designed for infinite whimsy, giggles and joy. Parties, porches, walls, sidewalks are waiting for this kind of #radlove. Here are 6 the stencils: 


  1. Your butt is perfect
  2. Love yourself
  3. Kindness is always in style 
  4. Make kindness your religion
  5. You are an incredible human 
  6. You are enough


Stencils are 10.5 x 8” in size and reusable! They can be used with chalk paint for temporary #radlovenotes. We love Montana Chalk Spray; the chalk can last for months if there isn’t rain. They can be used with normal spray paint for permanent #radlovenotes.

#RadLoveNotes (6) Reusable Stencils -- YOU ARE ENOUGH


    © 2020 by Blue Raddish

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