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I love writing short stories.

Even more so, I love meeting strangers and writing stories about them.  


Over the years, I have tested different sets of questions that help me to write the perfect short story. I have written stories about 4 year olds and  90 year olds.  To date, I have never met a person that wasn’t story worthy. 


Everyone has a wild about them…a kind of magic within them.

Everyone is a little weird. Everyone has hopes and dreams.

My goal with these stories is to capture the essence of a person.  


Here is the process: 

1. You order a story! 

2.  I will confirm your order via email within 24 hour and send you a list of questions to answer. 

3. Please give me 5-7 days to write and edit the story. 

4. I will send you a PDF of your story to print on your own; these stories look great printed and framed.


A few extra deets:  

  • Since the story is digital, it can change! If you don't like something particular about the story, tell me and I can take a second stab. 
  • Please reach out to me if you want me to send you a printed copy of your story as I am happy to do this. 
  • Need a creative gift? Feel free to interview a friend or a family member without telling them exactly why. A surprise story in the mail has proven to be a wonderful gift to a friend. 
  • Want to do a fun team building event where stories are read aloud and people have to guess whose story is being read? Email me and we can have your team complete the form and you can pay all at once. 

You are one big adventure — A short story about you

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