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62. Finding quiet

I say these words a few times a day to kids that come and go from my office. You can stay here in the quiet. It is one of the luxuries of my job to be this place.

As an adult, I can say with certainty that no one has ever said these magical words to me - but a few times a day, I find myself needing quiet and having to create it. No one is offering me quiet, but rather I have to acknowledge I need it and pivot. At 46, I am proud that I can finally acknowledge this. For decades of my life, I never acknowledged that rest and quiet were human needs.

For me a quiet pivot is as simple as shutting my door and hiding. Or leaving my office and going to my car or to the chapel. Yes, I traded a cushy bonus for a workplace with a chapel.

Today, pretend that I am whispering these words in your ear: You can stay here in the quiet.

And then run like hell to a quiet place or lock your door or hide. Or all three. Let me know how it feels.

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