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118. Calm > Chaos

I kinda dig chaos. It's a pattern. And it's a pattern that I have come to accept and appreciate about being me. As I continue to meet new people and get to know them on a deeper level, I have come to appreciate people's tolerance and persistence for chaos and calm in their lives.

Everyone seems to have an ideal "ratio" between calm and chaos, even if it's hard to articulate in words. Many people are willing to create and sustain structures in their lives to minimize or maximize chaos and the same for calm. And it turns out that some people need some help to turn up or down either.

I have come to appreciate that in order to sustain both calm and/or chaos, routine is a beautiful thing. I don't love the word routine as it sounds obligatory and as an Enneagram #7, I am allergic to anything that sounds the least bit obligatory.

BUT without routine, we lose rhythm.

And damn, I love the idea of daily rhythm.

Rhythm can be defined as the flow or tempo of our daily routines such as waking up, eating, working, moving and sleeping. Rhythm in daily life provides predictability and allows us to stay more organized. Even for those of us that don't need predictability, a daily rhythm serves up productivity and wellbeing. And I have yet to be a human that doesn't want to be a little more productive and feel better. Cheers to creating beautiful rhythm.

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