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7. Dammit. Change.

I have seen something like 20 movies and remember about 10 of them. I blame my Mom for this and I don't blame her for much. I never learned how to sit and watch the news, TV shows or movies. She always seemed to create something more interesting for us to do as kids. And I have never recovered. Chris, it is official. My inability to sit and relax is not my problem. It is trauma from my childhood -- but the good kind of trauma. Is there such a thing?

Alas, this is one of my favorite movies and movie quotes.

Ever since moving to Kansas City 17 years ago, I have been doing the same sauna, steam room and hot tub exercise routine. It is more like light on exercise and heavy on prayer and meditation. And often I get sidetracked talking to strangers and do none of the above. But since I sweat a lot, I have counted on this to transform my body. Weirdly, it hasn't changed a damn thing.

In the last couple of weeks, I have started to visualize a 45-year-old woman who is starting to lose significant muscle mass. I have spent a lot of time visualizing this steep descent and I don't like the visual. At 40, women start to lose a half-pound of muscle every year. And while I love Jesus and the whole creation story, he created us to lose muscle mass at twice the rate of men. WTH? So, after 17 years of sameness, I am changing my sweaty routine up and I have been perfectly sore, happy about the soreness, and the change. If we aren't changing, what are we doing with our time? #changedammit

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