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49. Life's Lab of Experimentation

I like to experiment with the conversation starters with my kids at school to keep things interesting for everyone. The conversation thread about experimentation and small life experiments is working well.

Humans seem to find hope in the metaphor that life is merely a lab. A lab full of experiments that we get to manage. Yes, we are the Lab Managers of your own lives. The gist is simple: if something isn't working -- try something new.

While it sounds easy, experimenting with new ways of being and doing things seems to be the work of our lives. Here are some easy questions to start with and some artful and downloadable and printable reminders to print, share and enjoy.

1. What is not working? Okay, maybe a lot of things aren't working well. Let's start with the most pressing or annoying thing in your life.

2. What are you committed to experiment doing differently? What small things could you experiment doing to change how you think, feel or act?

3. What worked about it? What didn't work? I am big fan of logging experiments so that we have evidence of what we have learned and how we feel. You could also call this a journal, but a log is often less intimidating.

4. What next? Depending on the progress we make, we get to decide what our lab takes on next!

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