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101. Polarities

Words. I love words. But I hate diagnoses. I have never been to therapist or psychologist and told my story, I love a good mystery. For those of you reading that also may feel like good mystery, you are in good company.

I think we all have interesting polarities. We find ourselves in conditions with opposite or contrasting thoughts, feeling or behaviors that go in one direction before wanting to go in another.

I love wine until you offer me a Coors Light. My favorite color is orange until you present me with the perfect blue. I want to get another job to feel more financially confident until Wednesday rolls around and I am tired. I want to disrupt the education system and start a school until I realize that that may take a lot of time and I would rather spend more time walking the El Camino. I want to start a foster home and then I realize that wouldn't work with Chris' plans. I want to lose 10 lbs but then realize that that would be really hard and stupid.

During this holiday season, please be kind to yourself and all of your polarities.

Limit exposure to people and situations that make you sad or uncomfortable or anxious. Go out of your way to spend time with people that you love and miss. Spend time outside. Find silence. Eat some pie. Give some of your polarities a break from polarizing.

And for some holiday fun, Google the definitions of polarity.

You will feel extra strange.

You are welcome.

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