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106. Meet new people

I had to move gyms due to construction at mine and now find myself in a sauna, often full of a dozen people, sitting knee to knee sweating profusely. One could conduct personality assessments on those of us who choose to walk into such a hot, crowded place versus open the door, take one look at the crowded benches and leave.

Alas, I have enjoyed observing a group of strangers, who know they should be quiet, allowing people to relax and detox, but who can’t keep their mouths closed. To date, here are a few of my favorite memories with my #saunafriends...

  • I have been encouraged to find Jesus.

  • And then encouraged again.

  • I have witnessed a lot of prayer and mantra work in many languages.

  • I have been asked to train for an Iron Man.

  • I have witnessed a lot of heavy breathing and some epic farts.

  • I know where to get the best chicken finger specials in Kansas City, every night of the week.

  • I have come to understand that the desire to get/finish college education is becoming old fashioned amongst young people -- in the same vein, I have learned that so many people are happy working multiple jobs, even very long hours; it is their normal.

  • I have learned that Gym Bro friendships are really tight friendships.

  • I met a man who had mystical “scrolls” delivered from Jesus to read every day – he happened to be very high when Jesus delivered the scrolls, but he doesn’t think that played a part.

  • I met a lovely Hollywood producer and director that came home to Kansas City to care for his aging Mom and now works in the urban core teaching film (so flipping cool).

  • I have learned that just because you look like an {enormous} Gym Bro, doesn’t mean you aren’t everything else too…a great Dad, husband, friend, professional, etc. 

  • In one brief evening, I met a woman whose first name was Babylon and another who just got a job at Jericho. OMG.

I am still not exactly sure how this kind of social influx and heat detox is improving my life, but I don’t fix what isn’t broken. When I leave for the gym, I often tell my family “see you in a few hours; I am going to find myself.”

Thankfully I haven't found her yet so I have an excuse to keep looking for her.

I hope you never stop looking for yourself in or out of the sauna.

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