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109. A quiet legend

I am not a quiet person but find myself wishing I was...a little quieter. Over the years, Chris has often provided me feedback when he thinks I need to hear it. Like when I have unnecessarily or annoyingly dominated a conversation. We now have a code word that he can weave into a sentence when he thinks I need to shut up and leave more space for others. This is true love, eh?!

I often think of my Grandma Kollasch when I know I have overstayed my welcome with my words or presence. How would have Grandma handled the situation? How would have she responded? And the answers are always the same profound ones...

When given a choice to listen or speak, always listen.

You will learn more this way.

Always show up to help someone with something.

This never requires a lot of words.

Go and make something with your hands.

This will quiet your mind.

Legends are created by how we make someone feel.

Not by what we say.

Lastly, when given an opportunity to shut up, always take it.

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26 janv.
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Good advice!


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Brook and I use the code word "Omaha"!

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