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115. Gates & Work

For the gate is narrow and the way is hard...

Some of us like narrow gates and hard ways. And some of us don't. I like that about people. Every time I feel myself "bushwhacking" through something in my life, I ask myself, is there another gate? Perhaps another way? Sometimes there is another gate and another way, but I find myself preferring to "bushwhack". So, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I sleep well on those nights. If you are a bushwhacker, I love you right back. If you like to work smarter and not harder, I love you too. #peopleareawesome

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Mar 23
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I am so glad that you can appreciate both kinds. I am a bushwhacker and my son is decidedly not and never has been (and if he has worked extra hard for something he feels like he should earn all of the rewards available and is disappointed if he has only earned some). I have had a REALLY hard time appreciating that about him and recognizing traits such as “looking for a shortcut” as ingenious and not as a character flaw (“lazy”). I am getting better tho! That said, I have stopped myself from bushwhacking more than once over my career and attempted to work smarter which seems to be seen as a leadership trait. Kelly Bee

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