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49. Dig deep

I just got a petite shovel tattoo on my wrist. Intentionally, I can see the handle of the shovel every day as it wraps around the top of my hand. I have a lot of tattoos that make no sense to anyone but me -- but the shovel handle, specifically, has made a lot of people scratch their heads. Well, everyone but me!

The shovel is a reminder to me to dig deep. Two years ago, Cooper and I did 100-mile hike in the mountains with everything we needed on our backs. During this trip, I had to tell myself to dig deep thousands of times. And the two words have continued to be my rally cry. For me, digging deep is never giving up, doing the work and never slumbering.

In the last 6 months, I have had to dig deep in the midst of some seriously beautiful chaos. The career change I made has been beautiful -- but the reality when you take a 90% pay cut, shit gets real...real fast. No more working from home. No more business dinners and bonuses. The corporate blankie of comfort is gone. I have had to reawaken the mighty-little-hustler inside of me, assemble a series of side hustles and dig deep.

I have loved every minute of being on the edge of comfort. And the dig deep rally cry has never been more relevant and helpful. My hope is that you can borrow this rally cry when you need it. Or said another way, may you know when to put on your #biggirlpanties.

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