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56. Waiting

I am bad at waiting. It is something I am consciously working on.

I will give my childhood some credit for this #bad_at_waiting trait. I grew up with two younger sisters in an all-female house. It was like the ideal sorority. My Mom was spontaneous and supportive of a lot of crazy ideas. We wanted for very little. Honestly, we didn't have to wait for a lot. We didn't have to socialize ideas or plans with anyone but the four of us. If the four of us thought something was a good idea -- we executed quickly thereafter.

Fast forward fourty years, it turns out that waiting can have its advantages. Shocker, eh?

When we wait for things to happen, we are often more appreciative.

When we wait to execute ideas, ideas have a chance to marinate and improve.

When we wait for things, we have a chance to talk though things.

When we talk through things, we get support.

Cheers to waiting.

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