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60. The most rewarding work of our life

It would be so much easier if people met us where we were. Can you imagine a world where people around you understood your story, your mood and your motivations at the top of everyday?!

I am imagining a-sort-of-Feelings Butler who could wake me up in the morning, make my coffee just the way I like it, pick out "happy" clothes for me to wear, give me a big hug and tell me just what I need to hear.

But instead of this imaginary Feelings Butler world, we get to interact with people every day and take a guess at how they are feeling and doing and meet them exactly where they are. Meanwhile, people are simultaneously trying to understand us.

And we get to do this every single day. Peopling is like full time employment.

Let's be kind and merciful today -- as if every human we encounter has a beautiful, fragile and complicated life story they are trying to manage.

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