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71. Trust the trail

Ever since falling in love with hiking and forests, I have loved all metaphors associated with the word trail. For me, it translates so well into every domain of our lives. Many therapists have counseling theories that are their favs. Mine is a pretty simple one: we are all navigating our own trail system and it is beautifully complicated for all of us.

We are all looking for visible signage to confirm we are going in the right direction.

We are all hoping for good weather.

We are all worried that we brought the right stuff to avoid discomfort.

We are all convinced we are a little unprepared.

We are always looking out for people along the trail that we like.

We all have strange aches and pains.

We all need more fresh air.

We all need to move our legs while they still move.

Every time I finish a journal, I go back through every page of the completed journal to harvest the good ideas, find quotes or words that I didn't do anything with, document undone things and most often laugh at last month's thoughts and feelings. Last month I wrote the following words over and over again for several pages: The edge of comfort is where trusting you begins.

Seeing pages and pages of these words made me laugh aloud. People often wonder what I write in my journal as I can write for long periods of time. Friends, you don't have to be creative in your journaling. Come up with a rally cry. A short manifesto. Write it out. Keep writing it. Over and over again.

This is called free therapy. You are productively jacking with negative thought patterns by not giving these negative patterns a chance to manifest. You are disrupting them with positivity.

Warning: If you aren't careful, you may feel better after this intense pen and paper session.

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