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82. Friendship Salve

My Grandpa Reding loved Watkins salve. I can still close my eyes and smell it.

I love salves because of their unique consistency and properties. Salves are generally semi-solid and have a texture that stays around for a while. They are often blended with things like oils, beeswax or essential oils -- I dig earthy fragrances. Salves are often labeled weirdly they work on everything?

Dry skin. Irritated skin. Join and muscle discomfort. Scar healing. Cracked feet. New tattoos. Lips and scalps. Make up remover. Diaper rashes.

I am in love with the idea that friendship is a kind of salve for our well-being. Friendship can cure a lot of our weird ailments. Friendship can save us from ourselves. Friendship can heal. Friendship has been proven to reduce the risk of mortality.

I want to be there for friends who have been around awhile and plan to stay around awhile. I often tell new people I meet that I am not shopping for new friends as I don't have adequate time to spent with the friends that I have today. But that is a lie. I am always shopping for the right new friends. We need to nurture friendships that reflect the season of life we are in. So, please...never stop shopping for new friends.

Here is an idea. You could weave the word "salve" into conversations with new friends as a conversation starter. :) I can't wait to see how this goes for you.

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