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81. Redefining abundance

A life of abundance

One of the things I have appreciated about my recent career change is that I have had to redefine abundance.

What is abundance? Living abundantly has had to become a more intentional mindset for me. And living abundantly with average means has required me to prioritize experiences, relationships and purpose over the accumulation of more things and increased wealth.

This doesn't mean that people who make incredible money cannot also live abundantly. The difference is that their definition of abundance can and often does include accumulating more/nicer things while also increasing their wealth. It has been one of the thrills of my life to have lived on both sides of this beautiful and complicated coin.

As I continue to marinate on what kinds of things to include in my next Cahalan Manifesto, the concept of abundance continues to fascinate me, especially in this world full of social pressures.

When I think about living abundantly, I am spending more and more time reflecting on things like this to keep my head in the right places. I hope you have some fun reflecting on and/or answering these questions yourself.

- What am I doing every day to practice gratitude?

- What experiences am I planning that bring people together?

- How am I connecting with family and friends in a meaningful way?

- How am I connecting Chris and Cooper every week to make time really count?

- How am I wildly loving Charles and Stella from afar?

- What new things am I learning and practicing?

- How am I serving others with the talents and skills that I have?

- How am I finding sacred time in my day to rest and to fill my creative cup?

- How are my new goals aligned with my new income?

- How am I carving out time to take care of myself in the simplest of ways?

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Beverley Herrick
Beverley Herrick
Aug 27, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Every one of your words is striking a chord with me right no. I love you

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