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91. One roof, one car!

These were the days -- when we lived under one roof and traveled in one car.

I don't mean to sound like a whiny butt or preacher, but I am not certain it is possible to fully embrace the parenting era we are currently in until it is over. I think parenting is too emotionally demanding to reflect on demand, or in the moment. When I think about raising kids who lived under one roof and traveled in one {sticky} van, I think it required some special skills and techniques that apparently kept me distracted.

Some ignorance -- How could we possibly be doing this parenting job well; we are probably not doing this parenting job well...

Some flow - Does baseball season last forever or does it just feel that way?

Some delusion - We have no business spending our money like this...what the hell, the kids are only young once.

Some faithful grit - These kids are seriously not turning out like we had planned or imagined; well shit maybe they actually are turning out to be decent humans.

Some screaming - Do these kids think I am not serious when I speak?

Charles, Stella & Cooper,

Despite you not reading anything that I write, I love you madly.



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