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13. Free

Florence & The Machine is one of my favorite bands. Florence's song writing and music videos give me so much joy. Her latest album dropped in April 2022 and has been an anthem for me.

FREE is one of my favorite songs on the album. The music video is incredible.

FREE is a song about our issues. In her case, it is her relentless anxiety. In the video there is a person acting like her anxiety following her around all day.

We all have issues. Many of our issues pick us up and put us down a hundred times a day, as the song says. For Florence, writing music, performing and dancing make her feel free.

We all deserve this kind of freedom -- freedom from our issues. This requires us to take responsibility for finding relief and outlets in our lives that give us this break. This can be the work of our lives.

This week, I had an office full of crying teen girls. I asked them if they would try something with me. I turned up Free as loud as my speaker would go and started dancing. After watching me dance on my own for 30 seconds (seemed like 30 minutes), they all joined me. By the end, we all sat on the floor, giggling and tearless, and talked. Everyone felt free.

Please enjoy the poetry of these lyrics.

While our typography art isn't free, it is affordable! :)

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