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87. Experiencing flow


Have you ever not noticed time elapsing?

I don’t mean when you accidentally spent four hours binge watching a series that you knew was going to take you four hours. I mean when you have “been in the zone”, in a state of deep concentration and immersion doing something creative.

Research suggests that this creative flow heightens our focus, makes us more productive, gives us a sense of joy and purpose. I personally like the idea of all of these things.

Need some ideas? Writing, painting or drawing, playing an instrument, listening to great music, programming or coding, cooking, photography, project that involve any kind of design work (closet design, landscaping, etc., crafting & do it yourself projects, researching something that interests you, teaching or presenting, sports, dancing, acting, gardening, problem solving, entrepreneurship.

Here is the quintessential book on the topic of creative flow. While it isn't light reading, it is awe-inspiring, especially if you are a science or happiness nerd.

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