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48. Holy Spirit

Flooding is a therapy intervention whereby a therapist helps a patient confront their fears. They will attempt to expose someone to what they hate the most in hopes that you may be able to do the thing you haven't been able to do. For me, that might be like someone bringing me a large snake to hold. #gross #neverdoingthis

I love word the flood as it is a visual one. Regardless of your religion affiliation of religious GAF, my hope is that a holy spirit is flooding your life with what you need.

Rather than fear-based flooding, visualize some rad holy rapids inside of you...

May the holy spirit inspire you.

May the holy spirit give you the will to do hard things.

May the holy spirit show you the path.

May the holy spirit help you do your own healing work.

May the holy spirit be a little night light in your soul -- keeping it aloft.


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Beverley Herrick
Beverley Herrick
07 feb 2023

❤️ love all if this

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