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30. Just full enough

As the Thanksgiving holiday ends, I love the idea of reflecting on our lives and our year, that is almost over, as if we were beautiful containers. Sometimes our container holds a lot of volume. Sometimes there isn't enough room in our containers for it all. And sometimes there isn't enough in our containers. It is both an art and science to manage our containers. Or rather the purpose in our lives.

This long break from school proved that I need more in my container. God apparently designed me as a #manicfreakshow. My kind of earthly container doesn't know anything other than 70-80 hours of work and schoolwork every week. In short, my cup is adjusting to a life that doesn't currently require this kind of work.

So, what does one do when they know the contents of the container must change in volume or the size of the container must change? Shit, damn, this what those life coaches and therapists call personal development or digging deep? #grabashovel #diggingdeep

Simple artwork for your complicated life.

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