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73. Light duty living (again)

Lighty duty living

After a hundred-mile walk in the beautiful mountains and deserts of northern New Mexico, I find myself on a light duty living assignment again. I cried this morning in bed so frustrated by being human. In short, I had a patch of skin cancer dug out of my Achilles and then a bug or a couple of bugs had the audacity to bite me around my ankle creating an innertube of swelling and immobility.

And I have been told I need to sit and stay in one place.

I feel like I have been put in a time-out and I don't like it.

I am always trying to interpret signs like these. I was well enough to do an incredibly long hike and then THIS. Fortunately, and often, our bodies have a way of communicating to us even if we don't want to listen.

I loved asking Chat GPT to help me process the words: light duty.

- less physically demanding or strenuous work as usual

- typically associated with temporary work assignments or accommodations

- often due to injury or illness that restricts one's ability to perform their regular job duties

- modification of work allowing for recovery

- can avoid aggravating the existing condition

For me this prescription means sitting on the couch and having the dog look at me funny. It also means enjoying the quiet, the cool, some relished computer time and drawing on my iPad. Perhaps not the worse prescription ever.

Do you need a light duty or lighter duty living prescription before the wheels start coming off of your bus? If so, please think about writing yourself a prescription before someone else does.

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