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20. My new favorite p-words

Today is a big day for me. It is the first day in 24+ years that I haven't been employed by a big company with compensation and benefits that have felt kind of like one of those old waterbeds. Remember laying on those waterbeds surrounded by a deep wooden frame and struggling to get out of them? Well, I got out. Alleluia.

This means crafting a new life with a new set of parameters and a new manifesto for living. These words won't go away so I am keeping them close:

  • Providence - protective care of some spiritual power

  • Prudence - acting with and showing sincere care and thought about the future

  • Possibility - a promising thing that may happen

I am trusting in the holy providence of the universe.

I am committed to living and using resources prudently.

I am so damn excited about living a life full of [brand new] possibility

Do your walls need some possibility?

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