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75. Trail Quotes: a really good day

I thought today was a really good day!

During my recent back country adventure at Philmont, at the end of every day we sat in a circle and reflected on our day. Philmont prescribes a cool and agnostic structure for this called Roses, Buds and Thorns. By the end of the trip, we were managing energy carefully and referred to this as evening tradition as RBT. Because acronyms save soooo much time, right?

Roses were the best part of our day.

Buds are what we were looking forward to.

Thorns were the worst part of our day.

On many occasions, more than half of us said something like I thought today was a really good day. Yes, it may have been a little redundant -- but also beautifully validating. When a lot of people are having a good time, hearing this more than once helped us to sit in this goodness and relish it.

Using this RBT structure is great for journaling, especially if you are new to journaling and reluctant to get started. And if you are interested in doing some #bingejournaling, here is a list of a mere 135 journal prompts!

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