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108. Not sure...

What I love about being in new cities and exploring new terrain is that you are NEVER SURE things are going to work out as planned. It’s why many of us love returning to places we have been. They serve up comfort and certainty, but often a total lack of surprise and delight.

In a recent #threegenerations trips with my dad and son, we went to a Nordic Spa that none of us had been to. We had no idea the way we were taking included a 100 flight of stairs. The human heart and soul love surprise and delight even if our bones don't.

Your Surprise & Delight Blessing

May surprise find you when you need it the most.

May delight sneak into your home when you are not looking.

May you be the surprise in someone's life today that desperately needs joy.

May you find delight in something you never thought possible.

May you reflect on the last time you were surprised and document how it felt.

May you sit in silence today and feel delight running through your body.

May you never forget that surprise and delight often has very little cost...

...but rather a little intention.

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