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113. Oh hotel lobby bars...

Oh lobby bars!

I am often you miss your old cushy corporate job? I feel so fortunate to not miss the job. And I don't take this luxury lightly as how do we know what we will miss until we experience missing it? miss hotel lobby bars. That is what I miss. I don't miss the traveling, but I miss the hotel lobby bars and the random humans bellied up. Anyone up for a tour of the best Kansas City hotel lobby bars? This would be so much more fun than doing 60 hours of e-mail and PowerPoint again.

This picture is from the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek, CO where I cozied up in a window well, threw off my boots, sat in silence and let the sun hit my face for a half hour -- a half hour worth of rest that felt like a day.

p.s. I am not kidding about a tour of Kansas City hotel lobby bars. You know where to find me if you are interested.

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Mar 20

You should check out Bar Stilwell at the Loews Kansas City hotel on your lobby bar tour. It is swanky! I'd be up for meeting you for a drink sometime. -Lori B.


Mar 18
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

lol! Well I for one miss the travel - mainly working with farmers and having the “locals” show me around. But then again I haven’t really hung around hotel bars so maybe I am missing out??? I would be happy to accompany you to any KC hotel bars! P.s., I did love airports for the same reason: chance encounters that enrich or maybe even change your life. In the Phoenix airport last week I shared a beer with a woman from LA who would have made a great bestie. Love, Kelly Bee

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