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12. Bulk Encouragement

God gave us quite the daughter. She was born with a precious button nose and big brown saucer eyes in Heidelberg Germany. As a baby, you had to seriously earn a smile. She is still this way. To see her smile and giggle uncontrollably is one of my favorite things to see and hear. She came out of the womb carefully observing before responding. She is still this person. Over the years, she has carefully observed our parenting styles and only when she feels passionate enough, does she provide feedback.

In short, the college process for Fitzy has begun and it is a lot of work. We have collaborated on a long list of things to do regarding applications and scholarships -- BUT she has pointed out kindly that my kind of encouragement can feel a lot like harassment. I am what she calls a bulk encourager.

I have no interest in buying in bulk but according to Fitzy, I have mastered at encouraging in bulk. I pour out encouragement in bulk, without abandon and possibly without self awareness. Feedback is a gift, right? She is spot on. This is me.

If only these children knew that bulk encouragement is love in action. The problem is that some of us love and encourage like a home-pour of wine or bourbon. We really only needed a few ounces, but we just keep pouring. More is not always better. Dammit.

Fitzy, I know you never read these blogs, but if you read this one. I love you madly.

Need bulk encouragement for your walls?!

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