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72. Are you ready?

How do we know if we are ready for something new?

I want to start a side hustle. I want to find a therapist. I want to start a new hobby. I want to start dating again. I want to lose weight. I want to start going to the gym. I want to plan a big trip. I want to start a new budgeting system. I want to....

What is your something new?

A few questions to get you thinking and writing...

- What do you already know about your something new?

- What skills do you have or need to have?

- What kind of planning do you need to do to feel totally prepared?

- What is stopping you from feeling confident?

- What have your life experiences taught you about yourself that may be helpful to note?

- How motivated are you to make this happen?

- Will you regret not starting to prepare now?

- Do you have the support system you need in place?

- If not, what is standing in your way of assembling?

- What makes today a good day to start?

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