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19. Our need for love

The more time I spend time with humans who have no filter and a developing brain [I mean...the ultimate beautiful combination] the more I am convinced that Maslow's hierarchy of needs should be laced with love. From bottom to top (basic to luxurious), here are our human needs:

  1. Physiological needs - food, water, warmth and rest (our basic needs) plus love

  2. Safety needs - security and safety and love

  3. Belonging - relationships and friendship and love

  4. Esteem needs - feeling of accomplishment with love

  5. Self-actualization - achieving our full potential with love

While us humans can present ourselves as complex mammals, it is amazing what mere: time, attention and intention can do. And practicing these things can start with a few simple words, long pregnant pauses and holy eye contact. #thisislove

I am here for you.

What is on your mind right this minute?

What happened to you?

I want to understand how you are feeling.

Together, I think we can do this.

I have time for you.

Let's drop everything and talk.

Did you know what you are enough?

You are wildly loved by me.

Lace your walls with love.

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