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36. Divine office hours

This is month two of experimenting with praying the Liturgy of the Hours. This is a beautiful and ancient tradition for Catholics. While most lay people don't pray these morning, afternoon and evening prayers, there is nothing stopping us from doing this. While I have been far from perfect at pausing morning, noon and night to do this, I have prayed every day. It is something that forces me to stop everything. I read the prayers aloud so my manic-ADHD brain can take all of the words in. I write in the margins. I rewrite some of the words in my journal. The words often inspire intentions for my day or week. I text some of my favorite words to friends who I think could benefit from them. It is like my days got 15 minutes longer.

What I have loved most about this experiment is that I have come to believe that we all deserve to hold our own divine office hours. We need to preserve time in our day to do the things. The things we know improve the quality of our minds, bodies and souls. Most of have a mental list of the things, but we don't have the discipline to do the things.

You aren't too busy to live well. I promise.

Please consider giving yourself the gift of time: schedule your own divine office hours to do the things.

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